Why the Smartest Businesses are Investing in Building Resilience (WHITE PAPER)

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Globalisation, digitalisation and economic upheavals mean that organisations are under constant pressure to adapt and endure in order to build a sustainable future. Never has the capacity for resilience been so important for companies to not only survive, but even thrive in the face of change.

Many employees have had to navigate company restructure or transformation and have moved jobs or changed roles continuously. Many have been exhausted and worn down by heavy emotional burden.

Thankfully employers are understanding how investing in the resilience of their human capital will provide happier and more productive businesses.

This White paper contains extensive research, best practices and case studies on resilience in human capital which proves the business case for building resilient work cultures and provides some guidance on how to make this happen.

In this White Paper you will learn:

  • How resilience fosters engagement and retention
  • How resilience drives performance
  • How to recognise resilience in your people
  • What potential causes of your organisation’s low resilience may be
  • What you can do to build a resilient culture in your organisation

Download this White Paper to learn more about organisational resilience and its benefits.


The PEPIT team is composed of certified ICF coaches, trainers, and health practitioners all specialised in resilience and well-being at work.

Specialist knowledge in leadership coaching, energy management, and team dynamics.

Our coaches have corporate, international backgrounds and most are able to work in English and French.